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2008.11.04 (Tue)

+++ 超重要文書・Extremely Critical Document +++

Dear sir/madam
I will report following as an objective FACT.
And I have some correction requests. (sry for my english is poor) (^-^;)
U.S.A National Security Council retitled "LiancourtRocks" as Korean islands,,
But, this island (Eng name = LiancourtRocks) is a Japanese territory "Takeshima."

Japan has been claiming occupancy since 1600's, and it has been a part of Japan when it was admitted into formally in 1905.In other words Before War and Japan/Korea Annex.
But Korea started ILLEGAL occupation in 1950's.
Then, Korea MURDERed and injured 44 Japanese fishermen, and kidnapped 4,000 people.
The kidnapped people were taken into custody for 13 years, and they were used as a Hostage
for the release of the Korean criminal.

●Korea-side said but the documents said about Ulleungdo.

Totally, Korean old documents talks about "Ulleungdo" and island of the attachment "Jukdo" and "Gwannumdo,"
Not discribed "Takeshima".

#Old korean maps said that Big Usando大于島 is JUKDO竹嶼/Boussole Rock (130”56’23E, NOT Liancourt Rocks),
Small Usando小于島 is Gwanumdo観音島.
(Gwaneumdo is nearby 石圃/Seokpo area, called 鼠項島/Seo-Hang-Do(Sokoto) Which are quite similar with Seokpo as well)
鬱陵島(旧日本名:竹島)old Japanese name TAKESHIMA = Ullungdo = KOREA
現竹島(Korean domestic name Dok-do) = Liancourt Rocks = now-TAKESHIMA = 旧日本名:松島 old
Japanese name MATSUSHIMA = JAPAN

●Korea did NOT have a map of correct, detailed Takeshima until beggining of 20th century.
●Japan has many Clear & Correct, Detailed maps.
For ex:華夷一覧図"Kaiitiranzu" in 1790s

Moreover,●Also Korean had recognized the East boundary of Korea was "Jukdo", from the evidence by Korea.
---- 竹島(東経131度52分) Takeshima LNG 131°52" East ----

A.D.  著者/著書 Author/Title      東端East boundary of Korea (※)は韓国側史料 korean side doc
1894 大田才次郎「新撰朝鮮地理誌」  130度35分
1894 水路部(現・水産庁)「朝鮮水路誌」  130度35分
1898 イザベラ・バード「朝鮮紀行」  130度33分 
1899 玄采「大韓地誌」  130度35分(※)
1901 恒屋盛服「朝鮮開化史」  130度35分
1903 葛生修吉「韓海通漁指針」  130度35分
http://kindai.ndl.go.jp/BIImgFrame.php?JP_NUM=40034152&VOL_NUM=00000&KOMA=40&ITYPE=0 (40/274)
1904 岩永重華「最新韓国実業指針」  130度35分
1904 矢津昌永「韓国地理」  130度58分
http://kindai.ndl.go.jp/BIImgFrame.php?JP_NUM=40010246&VOL_NUM=00000&KOMA=6&ITYPE=0 (6/119)
1905 岡部福蔵「日本民族の新發展場萬韓露領地誌」  130度35分
http://kindai.ndl.go.jp/BIImgFrame.php?JP_NUM=40010538&VOL_NUM=00000&KOMA=12&ITYPE=0 (12/168)

{ Also U.S. gov or other country admited "Takeshima is part of Japan."}

#Report of Van Fleet mission to the Far East ヴァン・フリート特命報告書 1954年8月15日
http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Report_of_Van_Fleet_mission_to_the_Far_East- One-sided territorial waters declaration (이승만 라인 line) is illegal.
- U.S.A. Government puts on Peace Treaty signed in San Francisco and Takeshima
concludes that it is a Japanese territory.

#GHQ's SCAPIN677(Supreme Command for Allied Powers Instruction No.677) &

"It is Not the Final decision."
"These are the TEMPORAY stop of the administrative power,
and it is NOT which took up territorial rights from Japan."

Even If it was dominium deprivation, It is NOT the thing which justifies Korean possession.
Actually, Ogasawara / Okinawa was returned to Japan under the same condition.

#Telegraph from the USA to Australia in 1950 合衆国からオーストラリアへの電報
1950年6巻1327、及び1328,694.001/10-2650 by Robert・A・F

This is an Answer between qualities that Aus' gov submitted to declaration of principle
concerning agreement that the USA prepared toward Japan.
"As for these islands,
Seto-inland-sea IS, Oki,Sado,Okushiri,Rebun,Rishiri,Tsushima,Takeshima,Gotouislands,Ryukyuislands and Izuislands
are Japan from of old. It will be maintained by Japan."

#Rusk-Note of in 1951 Aug.10 ラスク書簡 1951年8月10日 
"As regards the islands of Dokdo, otherwise known as Takeshima or Liancourt Rocks never treated as part of Korea and, since about 1905, has been under the jurisdiction of the Oki Islands Branch Office of Shimane Prefecture of Japan. The Island does not appear ever before to have been claimed by Korea......."

#Treaty of Peace with JAPAN SFC サンフランシスコ講和条約 1951年9月8日Takeshima is Not included in the abandoned territory.

When they leave it, they do this...plz check follows.
Graffiti by Korean -These are in Japan, and Irreplaceable & precious heritage.-
Ginkakuji in Japan [world heritage] 銀閣寺(世界遺産)
●Nijyojyou" [world heritage] 二条城(世界遺産)"
●Osaka castle 大阪城 
●Bird Massacre Demonstration by South Korean

Then, [WHY Korean explosive and unreasonable and BAD manner?]
Cz, Korea gov doing the Anti-Japan education.
Korean gov and scholor distort the fact and teaching to children, "The Japanese is a bad man"

"Anti-Japan education"

So not ordinary person but also public agency.,
For ex: Oregon and Dokdo

Korean half public agency "VANK = Voluntary Agency Network of Korea"
Officialy,,,the purpose of this group "Make friends in the world."
In FACT,,,,
VANK is a Cyber Terrorist organization.
"Korean Cyber Terrorist VANK" sends a enormous amount of [spam Emails] all over the world,
like as "Change the name of the [Sea of Japan] into [East Sea!] " or
"[Dokdo =Liancout Rocks] is korea!!"

LiancoutRocks is a Japan territory, by an international law & historical facts.
"Sea of Japan" is only and right way to say by the decision of the United Nations., and geographicaly, historically..
(((The South Korea government is supporting cyber terrorist VANK.)))

Their korean behavior are totally bad in Not only the real world But also web or virtual space.
For instance,
In Google Earth,
Many photographs posted as "korean dokdo"
In the past, Korean posted the photograph which came out of the Korean national flag and readable korean character photograph.
In every case, I am asking Google or other company following


I would like to ask you to do me favor.
Please consider Boundary line or Name and Title.
Please do Not support the terrorism of the Korea-led.

------- p.s.-----------------
North of HOKKAIDO "4-islands" = [ Etorofu, Kunashiri, Habomai, Shikotan ] is Japanese islands,
but these are illegally occpaied by Russia. ( even Russia side recognizes the illegal
occupation as for Habomai,Shikotan
, )
thx & regards

To:comments@whitehouse.gov Cc:vice_president@whitehouse.gov
and: https://www.e-gov.go.jp/policy/servlet/Propose

テーマ : 領土・領海・・経済水域 - ジャンル : 政治・経済

タグ : liancourt takeshima dokdo 竹島 鬱稜島 ulleungdo korea 韓国

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